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VISA® Card

Annual Membership Fee of $75.00 per card issued to each authorized user.  Additional cards can be issued for as many authorized signers as you desire.  Our most popular credit card features low variable annual percentage rate (APR) on all purchases.

Minimum credit line is $2,000.00 which can be shared among all of the authorized users.

Zero-Liability Protection – With your Helm Bank USA  Visa Credit Card you won't be liable for any unauthorized card use when you notify us promptly.  For more information, please refer to the VISA® Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

Chip Technology – Helm Bank USA Credit Cards with chip technology offer better protection against fraud and counterfeit when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals.

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VISA® Credit Card

VISA® Features and Benefits

  • Worldwide automatic travel accident insurance.
  • Travel and emergency assistance service.
  • Auto rental collision damage.
  • Warranty manager service.

Certain limitations and restrictions may apply.  Refer to your VISA® Card Guide to Benefits – Standard Protection Package for details.


In order for you to apply for a VISA® Credit Card with Helm Bank USA, you will need an existing relationship with our Bank.  Please visit any of our office locations and one of our Commercial Managers will be available to assist you.

Use your Helm Bank USA credit card for every day purchases – at restaurants, office supply stores, gas stations, etc., online and even places that do not accept cash or checks, such as hotels.  Your Helm Bank USA VISA® Credit card allows you to cover your corporate expenses anywhere in the world.

Our credit cards may require collateral in the form of a Certificate of Deposit in amount(s) equivalent to the credit line extended on the card.

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