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Helm Bank USA offers a variety of deposit accounts that are available for your banking needs. In order to help you make the best decision, here is a brief description of each of our products.


Offers easy access to your money that allows unlimited monthly transactions. Customers can use their ATM/Debit Card, checks or wire transfers to make purchases or pay their bills.  There is a minimum balance requirement to avoid the imposition of fees and this account is non-interest bearing.


NOW accounts are very similar to checking accounts, but allow you to earn interest on the funds in the account.  Customers can use their ATM/Debit Card, checks or wire transfers to make purchases or pay their bills.  There is a minimum balance requirement to avoid the imposition of fees.

Helm Personal Checking

  • With any of our checking account options, you can set and activate a variety of alerts when enrolled with our Helm Online service. For example, you can set an alert to notify you when your account’s starting balance is at or below the minimum amount specified. Account alerts are free of charge.
  • View up to 13 months of statements once enrolled with our Helm Online service.
  • FDIC Insurance: The FDIC covers all types of deposits, including checking accounts, NOW accounts, money market accounts and certificate of deposit up to the maximum deposit insurance amount ($250,000) for all combined deposits in the same bank.

For minimum balance requirements, monthly service fees and additional consumer account information,

please refer to the Products, Services & Fee   schedule.


Helm Bank USA's debit card is a convenient way to make all your everyday purchases.  Stay in control of your finances with this secure option for accessing your account.

Helm Bank USA Debit Card Features

  • Accepted everywhere VISA® is accepted.
  • Use your card instead of cash and checks. Your card is accepted for payment at merchant locations worldwide.
  • Convenient and ideal way to make purchases and get cash when you are traveling anywhere around the globe*.
  • Review each debit card purchase in detail and check your monthly statement by enrolling in our Helm Online banking service.
  • Continuous monitoring identifies unusual and potentially fraudulent account activity.
  • Zero-Liability Protection – With your Helm Bank USA Debit Card you won’t be liable for any unauthorized debit card transactions when you notify us promptly. This built-in protection feature is free of charge.

*Before your departure, let us know when and where you'll be traveling so that we can monitor your account for any fraudulent activity. You can inform us of your travel plans by contacting the Helm Support Department, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. (EST). You can email us for assistance at support@helmbankusa.com  or call us at (305) 329-7330.

Helm Bank USA ATM Card Features

︎  Allows you to withdraw money from your checking account through any participating ATM network.

▪︎  When traveling internationally, get local currency at any of the participating ATM networks worldwide.

Added benefits with your Helm Bank USA Checking account

Have a question on which deposit account is best for you?

Make an appointment today with one of our Commercial Managers located in any of our Account Representative Offices or branch.  They will personally assist you in selecting the best account that fits your banking needs.  Refer to the Offices tab for hours of operation and locations.

+ Want to request a debit card for your checking account?

+ Need to dispute a merchant charge?

Participating ATM networks include:  NYCE, Cirrus, Presto, Star, Honor

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