Helm Compensación

Helm Compensación is a unique tool designed to manage "Compensation Accounts" and automatically generate reports for financial authorities in Colombia. 

Advantages for your Business:

  • Manage Foreign Currency.
  • Mitigate currency risk.
  • Optimize your treasury in Foreign Currency.
  • Eliminate exchange rate differential.
  • Complements your company's international strategy

Compensation Account Benefits with Helm Bank USA 

  • U.S. Compensation Bank Account: Your account will be at an FDIC insured financial institution.
  • Helm Compensación Tool: Designed to effectively manage your accounts in accordance with compliance and established regulations.
  • On-going Support and Training: Personalized support and guidance from our team of experts tailored to your needs.
For more information on Helm Compensación, please contact:

Commercial Manager: Edgar Ruiz

Email: edgar.ruiz@helmbankusa.com

Tel: (571) 655-7000

Fax: (571) 621-6211

Helm Bank USA is a leading entity in the management of compensation accounts with the unique tools and strategy designed to manage your accounts.
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Individual or entity whom are importers, exporters, acquire or grant credits in foreign currency, receive or make international investment services.