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Personal Lending Services

At Helm Bank USA, we offer competitive rates, a quick approval process and personalized attention.

Here are some advantages of financing your loan with us:
  • Mortgage programs for foreign nationals and domestic clients.
  • Opportunity for international clients to establish credit history in the U.S. through our lending programs.
  • Personalized assistance from our Business Development and Loan Officers to help you select the best financing options.


Purchase or refinancing of primary residences, secondary homes, and investment properties.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages with a fixed rate program of three,five,seven or ten years.


Finance of new and used vehicles for foreign nationals with no credit history in the U.S.

Calculate your estimated loan payment for your cars using our financial calculator for auto-loans.

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Mortgage Loans


For clients who are looking to invest in real estate in Florida or who want to refinance their mortgage, our  loans are a great option:

  • Long-term loans with globally competitive rates
  • Opportunity to purchase residential and commercial properties
  • Cash-out refinancing option
  • Non warrantable condos for both foreign nationals and domestic clients


  • Domestic individuals, residents or foreign nationals interested in diversifying their investment portfolio or in refinancing their current mortgage.
  • Business owners in a personal capacity or on behalf of the business
  • Companies
Residential Lending Financing Options
  • Fixed Rate and Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loans offered
  • Fully amortized loans
  • Competitive interest rates in the international market
  • No prepayment penalty for par rates
  • Our clients can also rely on us for fixed-rate loans with different payment terms

    Credit approval required.

Learn more about our auto-loans program



Our auto loans are an excellent option for domestic or foreign national clients interested in purchasing a vehicle:

  • Fast approval in 1 or 2 business days
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Opportunity to establish credit history in the U.S.

Non-residents, foreign nationals and U.S. residents with limited or no credit history may apply.

What are the rates and term lengths of our auto loans?

New Vehicle Used Vehicle
  • Rate of 8.50% for existing Helm Bank USA clients.
  • Rate of 9.50% for non-clients.
  • Payment term of up to 66 months.
  • Minimum of fifteen percent (15%) down payment required from buyer.

  • Rate of 9.50% for existing Helm Bank USA clients.
  • Rate of 10.50% for non-clients.
  • Payment term for vehicles 1-2 years old: Up to 54 months.
  • Payment term for vehicles 3-5 years old: Up to 42 months.
  • Minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) down payment required from buyer. 

Loan Amount of $20,000 used in the examples below 
USD $20.000 Repayment Term
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

New car 66 months 8.50% 8.70% $384.84
New car 66 months 9.50% 9.70% $394.91
Used car 42 months 9.50% 9.80% $568.30
Used car 54 months 9.50% 9.74% $462.07
Used car 54 months 10.50% 10.75% $472.07
Used car 42 months 10.50% 10.81% $578.11


Get in touch with our loan officers for personalized consultation and support

Our Team

One of our Business Development and Loan Officers will personally assist you in selecting the best financing option that fits your needs, whether it is to purchase your first home, your vacation home, investment property, or car.
Your actual rate, payment, and costs could be higher, before requesting a loan use our financial calculator to get a loan estimate.


V.P. - Senior Vice President - Chief Lending Officer: 
Mari Blanco
NMLS ID: 511048
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (786)-626-9872

V.P. - Business Development Officer:
Angélica Chavarria
NMLS ID: 1374094
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (305)-329-7229

Business Development Officer:
Jacqueline Soares
NMLS ID: 928011
Language: English / Spanish / Portuguese
Phone: +1 (786)-626-9729

Business Development Officer:
Carlos Peña
NMLS ID: 432858
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (786)-338-1733


V.P. - Consumer Loan Manager:
Guillermo (Willy) Cobos
NMLS ID: 511049
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (305)-329-7223

Consumer Loan Officer:
Ulises García
Language: English / Spanish 
Phone: +1 (305)-329-7301