Tailored solutions

Business Lending

Our tailored solutions include a full range of loan structures and competitive rates to help you acquire, expand, renovate or refinance new projects.

Commercial Real Estate Loans: We finance condo warehouses and other commercial properties, as well as construction loans on a selected basis.

Trade Finance: We provide commercial and Standby Letters of Credit to support the financing of international trade and guarantee obligations with third parties.

Here are some advantages of financing with us:
Interested in purchasing real-estate?

Commercial Real-Estate

Condo Warehouse


Construction loans on a selected basis

Trade Finance


Credit lines

Letters of Credit

Standby Letters of Credit
Documentary Payment

Business Auto-Loans 

Finance new and used vehicles for your business needs.

Calculate your estimated loan payment for your cars using our financial calculator for auto-loans.

Personalized attention

Our Team


V.P. - Senior Vice President - Chief Lending Officer: 
Mari Blanco
NMLS ID: 511048
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (786)-626-9872

V.P. - Business Development Officer:
Angélica Chavarria
NMLS ID: 1374094
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (786)-626-9740

Business Development Officer:
Jacqueline Soares
NMLS ID: 928011
Language: English / Spanish / Portuguese
Phone: +1 (786)-626-9729

Business Development Officer:
Carlos Peña
NMLS ID: 432858
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (786)-338-1733


V.P. - Consumer Loan Manager:
Guillermo (Willy) Cobos
NMLS ID: 511049
Language: English / Spanish
Phone: +1 (305)-329-7223

Consumer Loan Officer:
Ulises García
Language: English / Spanish 
Phone: +1 (305)-329-7301