How to protect your personal information and your money

Cyber Awareness

Helm Bank USA wants to help you protect yourself and your money.  Because you, the customer, play such an important role in safeguarding your financial information, we are providing some useful tips to enhance your online security.
Stay alert for "Phishing Emails":

Phishing emails appear to be from known entities that ask for personal information such as bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, date of birth and other valuable details.  These emails usually look legitimate given that they include graphics copied from authentic websites and messages that appear valid.

  • Useful Tip: Remember that Helm Bank USA will not send you an email or call to ask you for your account numbers, passwords or other sensitive information.  To verify the authenticity of an email, contact Helm Bank USA by using an email address or telephone number that you know is valid.  
  • Fake Websites: Fraudsters are becoming sophisticated with schemes that involve emails with links to fake websites that are exact copies of real websites.  These web addresses are slightly different than the real ones and are utilized to trick people into giving up valuable personal information that can be used to commit identity theft.  
  • Useful Tip: Never click on any link in an email or sign-in to a website that you are not 100% certain of its legitimacy.  Ensure that the website utilizes HTTPS protocol and that the URL address matches the domain referenced in previous announcements and marketing brochures.  Finally, be mindful of any changes to the website's appearance and/or functionality that we had not previously announced to you.

Contact the Helm Support Center if you have questions about scams or potential scams affecting your account at Helm Bank USA.  Should you feel that your account has been compromised, please notify us immediately so that we can assist you.