Planning to Travel?

Take Us With You


As you prepare for your upcoming travels, Helm Bank USA is committed to ensuring seamless banking throughout your journey. From notifying us about your travel plans to ensuring secure payments, we cover the essentials. Read on to discover how Helm Bank USA enhances your financial peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

Before You Travel:


Give your Bank a heads up

Fill out our Travel Form with your upcoming travel destinations and dates. Notifying your Bank about your upcoming travel plans avoids having purchases and/or cash withdrawals flagged as fraudulent.
Load Apple Pay or Samsung Pay  using your Digital Wallet

Contactless payments use chip technology that protects the information on your card via encryption. Not sure how to add your card? Visit our digital wallet webpage and learn how to get started.
Update your email address and look into international calling / roaming services

 Ensure your email address and contact information are up to date so that our representatives may contact you in the event that suspicious activity is detected.

Report your lost card quickly

If your wallet or mobile device are lost or stolen, call 1-866-833-4389 located on the back of your card to temporarily block or report your cards if necessary.

Review your Visa Travel Security benefits here.