Expand your financial possibilities

FX Operations 

Helm Bank USA offers you the possibility of trading currencies to meet your business and personal banking needs. Our FX service allows clients to send and receive transfers in multiple currencies, beyond the U.S. dollar, using their US dollar accounts at competitive rates.




Spot Operations
We process same-day turn around operations.
Operation Traceability
We provide personalized attention from a commercial manager and an FX department.
Currency Diversity
Conduct operations in all major currencies, enabling you to seize global investment opportunities.
Competitive Rates
You have the possibility to trade in 5 different currencies when the operation or the sum of your operations has a value equal to or greater than USD 25,000.00.
Personalized attention

Our Team

Our team of commercial managers and FX department is available to ensure the traceability of each operation. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our FX services. 

María Paulina Ocampo
Compensation Account Manager
Edgar Ruiz
Product Manager - W/T, FX, Helm Compensation